Get organized with the Avery Heavy Duty Ring Binder, review

Do you have a lot of paper?  I do. It seems every day my kids bring home at least five sheets of paper. I'm glad to have a record of what they are doing in school, but all that paper leads to clutter. Of course they want to keep every beautiful piece of artwork that comes home. But I don't want a stack of papers sitting on my island. The solution is the Avery Heavy Duty Ring Reference Binder.

We use a ring binder to store all these precious creations. With Avery note tabs we can store art projects, notes and documents in one container. Plus each child has their own Avery Custom Binder Spine Inserts . No confusing which child's papers are whose.

Both of my kids now know to put each days projects in their own ring binder, under a binder tab, and in their binder labels. Easy. The kids are becoming efficient with organizing and I'm getting rid of the clutter.  Plus, the binder is heavy duty. I don't fear that the kids will pull it apart. Even if it falls on the floor, I'm not worried that the binder will fall apart nor will the items inside fall out.

Other great uses for this product could include recipes, coupons and take out menus. No one wants paper sitting on the counter. I'm thinking of a getting another binder to keep all the party invitations and sports events together in one place.

Who would think that a group of simple office supplies would make my life so easy?

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