College Aged Brother and Sister


Authored by Rickey Combs

We got great direct tv deals. Now, over the holidays, when we have our family in town everyone will be happy. My brother and sister always complain when they come to our house for the holidays. They say that we don’t have enough channels and that we need to upgrade our television package. We never had any of the movie or premium channels and of course all of the those channels are the ones that our college age siblings love to watch. They are obsessed with the vampire show, “True Blood”. I have to admit that since we got HBO, I started watching it too and really like it. The one that they are excited about watching over these holidays is the new show on HBO, “Boardwalk Empire”. I have started watching it too so that I can watch it with them when they come for the holidays. I think that it is going to be a nice surprise for them. So nice in fact that I may not get them anything else for the holidays!

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