Awaken, the novel of determination, review

If you had your future wiped away in an instant what would you do? Would you accept your new world and role without question? Or, would you curl into a ball and accept defeat?

Lucy, the main character of Awaken, rises to the challenge of her new role of a Patronus with valor and dignity. Lucy is a college student with a bright future ahead of her. Unfortunately, her life on Earth meets with a tragic end. When Lucy awakens she finds herself in a new world with a new purpose.

Lucy was selected to be a member of the Patronus. The Patronus help guide the recently deceased to their afterlife. There are many dangers to these protectees including vampires. Lucy and her fellow Patronus must use all their strength and wits to overcome the ever dangerous vampire presence.

What I liked about Awaken is that the main character Lucy shows both strength and vulnerability. She questions her new role but at the same time, she strives to be the best at her task. Even when is faces her toughest assistant, the protection of her little sister, Lucy is determined to train to her break to protect those she loves.

This book isn't just action, Lucy is mysteriously drawn to a fellow Pretonus, Max. Many passages of the book made me question why and how we are drawn to others in our lives. Lucy is drawn to Max like a moth to a flame. Their chemistry is unmistakeable and their bond is eternal. Who wouldn't want a love of their life who would protect them forever.

I am drawn to this book because of the strong woman character, Lucy. Not only does Lucy have physical dominance, she has the emotional and compassionate nature that makes her endearing to the audience. I want her succeed and have a fulfilled existence.

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