SpilSTOP, stop the mess before it starts, review

Please be advised. SpilStop is now Spillspoiler and Spillspoilersport.

How often does someone spill a bottle of juice or soda in your house? When the kids are young, they may not have the dexterity to drink from a bottle. Or, the kids may not pay attention and tip the bottle when using a straw. Either way, you've got a mess to clean up and an unhappy kid who spilled his drink.

Now there is a solution to your spillage problem, SpilStop. SpilStop is a convenient way to convert a bottle into a sealed drink. Simply screw on SpilStop to the bottle, insert a straw and enjoy your drink.

SpliStop fits on the following items
Standard baby bottles (Evenflo, Playtex, Dr. Brown's Gerber, etc
8 Oz plastic bottles of Pediasure, Ensure, Glucerna, Equate, and Parent's Choice nutrition drinks
Store brand nutrition drinks (Wal-Mart, Kriger, Meijer and Target).

While my kids have outgrown bottles and sippy cups, I like using the SpilStop in the car. There have been too many jounce box squeezes, chocolate milk drops and Gatorade explosions in my car. With the SpilStop, I avoid all the spillage issues. Each boy gets his drink and straw. When they are done, we unscrew the cap and throw away the bottle.

SpilStop is dishwasher safe and stack-able. I've kept one in my car for just in case. Even as a adult, I've used the SpilStop on a diet shake drink on my way to the gym. It made drinking my shake super easy.

The SpilStop is available for purchase on-line at www.SpilStop.com. It is sold as a three pack for $5.99 or individually for $2.25. The SpilStop is offered in a variety of colors too.

No more tears over split juice. Use SpilStop and don't spill again.

Disclosure: I was given SpilStop to try for this review. I was not compensated for this post. For my complete disclosure policy, please see http://www.more4momsbuck.com/p/disclosure.html.

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