Speak DC, turning government acronyms into a fun game, REVIEW

When you listen to the news, you you scratch your head when the news caster throws out some collection of letters?  Has your child come home with governmental entity question from history class and you don't have a clue?  Speak DC turns US Federal Government agencies and programs into a fun game.

Unless you work in the Federal Government, government acronyms and Federal agency abbreviations can look like an eye chart. Think about it. Sure many of agencies or abbreviations are well known (think FEMA or FBI). But how many of you know I.L.A.B., B.O.P.,. or M.A.R.A.D.?  (answers: Bureau of International Labor Affairs, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and US Maritime Administration). Confession,  I knew one of the three (it helps that I was an attorney in a former life).

Speak DC is a fun way to learn many of the agency and program names that we may have forgotten or didn't even know existed. Learning more about our government and its agencies and programs can help us understand why and how our government works.

Here's how you play Speak DC. Choose a level of difficulty and start asking questions. The person or the team with the most correct answers wins. Simple and easy.

What I like about the game is that it's easy to play and perfect for travel. I've thrown the game in the car for long road trips. While my kids are a little young for the hard questions, it starts them on the right path to be knowledgeable citizens. I want my kids to understand their government and appreciate it. Learning about all the government agencies will put them on this path.

Speak DC is a game by Practical Strategies, Inc. Speak DC and other Practical Strategies games can be purchased on their website. Speak DC retails for $19.99.

Don't be confused by all the acronyms the next time you watch CNN or read Yahoo News. Play Speak DC and you'll be knowledgeable about our government too. 

Disclosure: I received a copy of Speak DC to review. For my complete disclosure policy, please visit www.more4momsbuck.com/disclosure.

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