Show how you care with Valentines Day cards from Tiny Prints,

I still remember as a kid getting all the little Valentines Day cards from my classmates. Whether it was Charlie Brown saying "be mine" or Strawberry Shortcake asking boys to "be my valentine", each card meant the world to me. Who would have thought that a simple piece of paper could have such an effect on me.

As I got older, the type of cards changed, but the importance was still there. In high school, I patiently waited for the candy card from our brother school. In college, it was the thick invitation to the Valentine's Day fraternity party.

Now, my Valentine's Day greetings cards are very different. Of course, my husband gets me romantic and sometimes funny cards. My kids cards vary. Sometimes they have some help (i.e. daddy does some shopping). Now, the kids make cards with elaborate stories and drawings. From pictures to stories, these cards come directly from their little hearts.

Since Valentine's Day is fast approaching, my house is gearing up for all the Valentine's Day events. One important purchase is the kids Valentine's cards for their classmates.  Of course, I can take the easy rode and get some pre-packaged cards from a local store, but I want my kids to have something different. This year we are getting custom Valentine's Day Classroom Cards from Tiny Prints.

I've let my kids pick their top three choices. One one is this awesome dragon.I'm hoping that no one finds it scary. The other choices were T-Rex Love and Super Friends. There are also many options where you can include a picture of your child.

Your kids will definitely get some Valentine's Day love with personalized Valentine's Day Classroom cards from Tiny Prints. Maybe it will start a great memory for them to share with their family later in life.

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Don't wait till the last minute. Order your Valentine's Cards today from Tiny Prints.

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