US President and Founding Father's game, show your knowledge of your history and today, REVIEW

Do you know who was the 16th President of the United States? (Lincoln) What about the 33rd? The US Presidents and Founding Father's game by Parli-Cards/Practical Strategies will help you remember (or teach) the United States Presidents and Founding Fathers.

What is fun about this game is that it can be played in several different ways.The complete game consists of multiple parts, game board, question cards and 52 card deck.

One way to play is classic card games. Since the deck consists of 52 cards, you can a variation of well known card games. For example, Veto is a version of poker, similar to five card stud.

Other games use both the 52 card deck, question deck and the game board. You can play games with all three parts or just the question deck.

In our house, I like playing games with the question cards. Currently my oldest son is preparing for a school performance about the US Presidents. While my kids know a lot of President Obama (we live in Chicago), they are still learning about past presidents. I started with some simple questions like who was the first president (George Washington). Then we moved on to other more challenging questions (for them) How many Senators represent a state (2) It's a process to build on their knowledge base. 

We also modified part of the game by making it a challenge between my husband and me. They would ask the question and take bets on who would get it right. It helps that I have a background in law and I like watching political shows. It was a fun way to keep them involved when the questions were a little harder.

Since we are in a presidential election year, the US Presidents and Founding Fathers game is a fun way to get the kids interested in politics and the importance of being an active citizen. Kids may not grasp the ideological differences of Republicans versus Democrats, but we can discuss our country's history and how political beliefs effected various outcomes.We can look at both the 52 card deck and the questions and have a discussion about what we are seeing on television and in the newspaper.

The US Presidents and Founding Fathers game by Parliament-Cards would be great for classrooms as well as family game night. It's a great way to understand our country's history and have fun too.

US Presidents and Founding Fathers game can purchased online at for $35.99.

Our country's history has brought us to current events. Keep your knowledge of US Presidential history alive with the game US Presidents and Founding Father's game by Parli-Cards.

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