Be an educated citizen, play U.S. Senate game - REVIEW

With the presidential primaries being a hot topic in the news, my kids have been asking lots of questions about politics. Government structure can be a difficult topic to explain and teach to kids. Not many kids are excited to hear about republicans, democrats and a divided government. But, if the topic was in a game format, my kids will jump to play (and learn).

The US Senate Complete game from Practical Strategies/Parli-Cards makes learning about the senate fun and engaging.

There are several ways to play the game. Whether you use the 52 deck cards to play games based on traditional card games or use the question cards to test your Senate based knowledge, the Senate game can re-enforce the history and government teaching that your kids get in school.

Since my children are younger, we are using the game to talk about the different political parties and how the government is comprised. With all the presidential election discussions on television, the game is an easy way to introduce the kids to political party discussions.The 52 deck of cards is perfect to start this discussion.

The question cards for the board game portion range from easy to hard. Even though I've studied congressional structure and politics, some of the questions take me a minute to remember.
For example, can you answer these questions? The United States has what type of legislature? (bi-cameral) What percentage of US Senate seats are up for election every two years (33%) These questions would be a great way to re-enforce history and political studies. Also, it's a perfect way to make remember all the knowledge that we learned so many years ago.

The Senate game by Practical Strategies/Parli-Cards would make great addition to a family's game collection. Also, this game would be great for history teachers and grade school teachers as a helpful learning tool.

To purchase this game, please visit the Practical Strategies/Parli-Cards website. It retails for $39.99.

Be an informed citizen. Play the Senate game by Parli-Cards and be informed about your Congressional leaders.

Disclosure: I received the Senate game from Parli-Cards to review. All opinions are 100% mine. For my complete disclosure policy, please visit

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