Be allergy prepared this New Year with Claritin

 Make 2012 the best for you and your family. Don't let allergies get you down. 

Consider these tips for keeping your family allergy prepared in 2012.
  • Check the filter on your furnace or heating system. Consider installing a new one in the new year.
  • Blow out the candles! Consider replacing your wick candles with electric ones.
    • If artificial candles are out of the question, use unscented beeswax candles instead of those scented with chemical preparations.
  • Let family, friends and teachers know about your needs and ask them to designate an area that is allergy free.
  • Preparing for the new year usually means cleaning, dusting, and even painting. Help prevent allergy flare-ups by wearing a dust mask and gloves, dusting with a damp sponge or mop, and using a vacuum with a HEPA filter or double bag.
  • Keep medicines and supplies on hand, especially when you go out and always take product as directed.

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