Reverse Charades, changing the rules and creating fun, review

Everyone knows the game of charades. Pick a word, act out the word and everyone guesses. Now there is a new option to charades, Reverse Charades.

In Reverse Charades you work together as a group to act out as many clues in 60 seconds. Check out this video for how it's played.

We have a copy of Reverse Charades Junior. Since my kids were new to charades, it took a few minutes for them to understand that they couldn't talk (not talking is super hard for my youngest). After a while, they enjoyed acting silly and seeing who could come up with the most outrageous ideas for their words. The words/phrases are common, which made it easier for the kids to understand and guess. With a little practice, the kids enjoyed themselves.

For us, the game worked best when an adult or older child participated. Reverse Charades works great family game night. As the game progresses the actions and option get funnier. Who can be the most outrageous or who can be the most boring. Anything to make the game fun.

Reverse Charades can be purchased online, on Amazon,and at specialty stores.

Now there is a Reverse Charades app for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. The app contains over 1000 words from the original version and words from the new themed editions. Visit the Apple App Store and the Droid Marketplace to purchase these free apps.

Also, Reverse Charades donates a portion of the game price to support kids and their families at Children's Hospitals. Sometimes a little laughter can be the best medicine.

Get the family together and laugh a little. Reverse Charades will bring some levity to your holidays.

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