FogShield Sport, keep your goggles fog-free

If you wear goggles for a sport, you know how important it is for your goggles to remain fog-free. Whether you are skiing or swimming, foggy goggles make it very difficult for your to perform at your best. FogShield Sport keeps your goggles fog free.

FogShield Sport, made by Bausch + Lomb, is a specially formulated cleaning system that guarantees to keep your goggles fog free. Whether you are skiing, scuba diving, or playing hockey, this products works on all types of goggles.

We have a lot of cold weather sport items in our house. When it's snowing or we are outside playing, my kids need to be able to see. FogShield Sport will make sure that they can see.

FogShield Sport™ is available in three convenient application methods: a six-pack of dry anti-fog cloths ($18.00), a spray bottle with micro-fiber cloth ($8.00) or a ten-pack of pre-moistened applicator cloths ($14.95).

To learn more about FogShield Sport™, including purchasing online, please visit Bausch + Lomb website.

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