Clens, making sure all those new touch screen devices stay clean

Electronics are hot in-demand items for this holidays. To keep your iPads, iPhones and other touch screen devices pristine, use Clens.

Clens is the Bausch + Lomb's cleaning system. This system is a two step process that safely cleans the surface of Apple electronic products without dulling or discoloring the surface. Clens safely cleans a device that has oleophobic coating. It provides a streak-free clean to the device's surface.

What I like about Clens is that I know it won't harm my iPad and iPhone. Since it was designed with Apple products in mind, I feel comfortable using them.

Anyone with kids can attest that sticky, grimy fingers can do a number on your iPad and and iPhone. My kids love playing with my devices when we are stuck somewhere waiting. But I hate all the goo, mess that they leave on my screen. With Clens, I can easily wipe the screens clean. It's as if the screen had never been touched by little hands. 

Clens has two packing sizes that will cover all the uses in your household. For the home or office, this packaging features a 2oz spray, 6 pre-moistened tissues and 1 premium microfiber cloth. This option retails for $19.95. The travel version, with 20 pre-moistened tissues and 1 premium microfiber cloth, retails for $14.95.

Clens can be purchased at the Apple store or online at For more information about Clens and where to buy it, please visit the Clens website.

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