At least my life isn't that bad - Shameless Season One on Blu-Ray and DVD, review

Do you ever have days where everything seems to go wrong?  It seems like everything is on your plate and no one is helping. From dishes to laundry and bills to groceries, the lists and piles are never ending.

When these get too much for me, I like a little escapism in front of the television. One show that makes me feel that my life isn't so bad is Shameless.

Shameless is the story of a dysfunctional family. The oldest daughter, Fiona, bears the weight of the family's survival on her shoulders. With an alcoholic father who is unaware the family's daily needs, Fiona is more than a sister to her siblings. She is the stand-in parent, who makes sure they all survive.

What I like about Shameless is that this show tells a story that life is hard. There is no normal anymore. While we all like a bow wrapped happy ending, sometimes life isn't perfect. In the end, we all will survive. It may not be the sitcom happy ending that we expect, but we will continue live our lives.

Check out this clip from episode 4,

I don't know anyone who has been in this exact situation before. I do understand the idea of grief and being unable to cope. When I watch an episode like this one, I'm reminded that my experiences may not have been that bad. I got through it. Maybe this holiday season you could use a little escapism too. Why not check out Shameless Season One on Blu-Ray and DVD.  Your life just might seem normal in comparison.  

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