Action Mat Football, bringing real footbal action to your man cave - REVIEW

Do you have a man cave? Is football a way of life not just a game? Do you remember sliding the football back and forth on a table? I have a game for you.

Action Mat Football is the real football strategy game that is the must have gift for the football enthusiast in your life.

Played on a 35 x 65 field, it looks just like a real football field. With full offensive and defensive schemes, this game works just as if you were on an actual football field. The game is played by sliding the football across the field. The football will catch on players helmets which creates a realistic drag, just as if a defensive player was trying to slow down the offensive player. It's just like real life action.

Want to see how this game works? Check out this YouTube video.

We have set Action Mat Football in our man cave (the basement). It works great on the pool table when it's covered. The guys like having it out during Sunday football. They keep playing football during half-time or when their team is finished for the day.

Another fun use for Action Mat Football in our house has been a teaching tool for my two little football players. With one son playing football and another about to start, we use the game to explain offense, defense and game strategy. It's a perfect visual for the boys to learn football positions, game plays, and overall football strategy. We can use the game after the boys "real' football game to explain why certain plays worked and others did not. The game has been helpful to explain football positioning and strategy (a good idea for football coaches)

My husband and boys have been playing Action Mat. It's simple and easy for the boys to play on their own or with their dad.  The boys make their games simple. Some examples are who can have the longest kick-off or pass. It may not be a complete game, but it keeps them interested in football and game strategy.  Now we can have football all year round in our house.

Action Mat Football can be purchased on-line at game retails for $39.95.

If you don't have the space for the full scale version of Action Mat, there is a Pass, Catch, Kick mini game. This item retails for $9.99. It's a perfect stocking stuffer for your little football enthusiast.

Get your football fanatic a game that they will love. Put Action Mat Football under the tree this holiday season.

Disclosure: I received Action Mat Football to review. All opinions are 100% mine and have not been influenced by any person or entity. For my complete disclosure policy, please visit

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