Rock N Learn phonics, giving kids the building blocks to reading

In my house, I often hear - reading is hard or reading is boring. Personally, I really like reading and find it relaxing. But, for my boys, they haven't found their love of reading, yet.

Since I'm always looking for tools to help supplement their learning, I was pleasantly pleased to find that Rock N Learn has a set of phonics apps for the iPad.

The Rock N Learn Phonics apps for the iPad are called Phonics Easy Reader. These apps build on the Rock N Learn phonics program. Starting with easier phonic sounds and continuing to build, the phonics app help early readers to gain confidence with their reading abilities. 

Each app has three stories that focus on the phonics theme. The user has the choice to have the story read to them or he can read the story himself. The story focuses on a few key words, or memory words, that are part of the phonics/sound lesson.

For the past week, my boys have been using two of the phonics apps, readers 3 and 4. I have been very pleased with them. These two apps are the first items that my five year old goes to on my iPad. One reason that I think he likes them is because the app offers some reading independence while learning. He can follow the story and learn new words in the process.

The repetition of using the apps over and over are helping with my son's memorization of memory words (we call them wall words). I've noticed that he now can recognize more words when we are reading other books. The repetition is a great tool.

I am a huge fan of these phonics apps. Not only are they a convenient way of bringing reading materials on the go, but they provide tools that are helping the boys with their phonological awareness. These programs help build on their reading levels and reading independence. I look forward to more phonic apps. 

In addition to the apps, Rock N Learn offers a phonics DVD.

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  1. Really no special technique, we just sit and read with them
    jodysis at windstream dot net

  2. I help my daughter sound out words. She has a lisp so we are always working on pronouncing the words correctly.

  3. hooked on phonics

  4. We read and rhyme alot.

  5. I have them sound out the letters. We even do the ABC song by the sounds they make rather than the letters. FUNNY sounding!
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  6. My daughter has the "tag" toy by leapfrog :)

    babbbymel at yahoo dot com

  7. I read to her and we play games to help with letters. I use the Letter People from the 80s. Still works!

  8. We read together daily! Happy holidays! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
    Renee Walters

  9. I like using flash cards with pictures and textures and colors with words to teach my baby.

    reannenny at

  10. Repetition is our biggest teacher...we've recently starting to use the learning books that walmart has (the stages books...not sure what exactly they are called) but have the pictures and the words in the books for the kids to read to help with the sight words.

  11. We use flashcard with sight words on them.

  12. We go to the library and I encourage them to pick books that interest them. As long as it gets them reading.

  13. I read to my son alot....guess that is the technique I am using