Heelys, giving my son the cool skater personna - review

Do you know Heelys? I think many people see kids in the mall or at the playground rolling by. These shoes look like skater shoes but have a built in wheel in the heel, which allows kids to skate instead of walking.

Recently, I was asked by Heelys if I wanted my son to review these shoes. I was a little apprehensive, but I said yes to the review. Actually, I'm glad that I did.

I got the traditional, single wheel Heelys for my seven year old son. He keeps saying that he's a big boy now and deserves to be treated like a big kid. So, these shoes, just like the older neighborhood boys shoes, did a great job of boosting his big boy image.

Before we even tried on the shoes, I had my son watch the videos on Heelys.com. It was a great way to introduce him to how the shoes work. The Heelys website offers a great explanation, see General Heelys Skating Info. Also, the website has Heelys Safety Playbook as well as a contract that you can get your kids to sign (the former lawyer in me loved the contract).

My biggest concern with these shoes were could he use them without hurting himself. So, to prevent possible injury, I fitted my son with a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads, just to be safe. (injury during swim season would not be a good thing in our house). After putting on the safety gear, I let my son "roll" around the playground.

After a few mis-steps (or falls - my son isn't the most coordinated boy), he started to get the hang of it. We definitely aren't ready for the cool tricks, but he was able to maintain balance and wheel around. Over time, I know that he will become more comfortable and more daring in his Heelys. In the end, he gained some self confidence and enjoyed acting like a big kid. 

For our house, we will use Heelys as a playtime shoe. I don't foresee my son wearing them out while we are running errands. But the Heelys are a great way to keep him outside, active and having fun.

Heelys can be purchased at various retailers nationally and abroad. To find a retailer near you, please visit the Heely's website. Also, Heelys can be purchased online at Zappos.com.

Plus, Heelys is throwing a Black Friday special!! Between Nov 25-Nov 28, Buy any pair of Heelys, get the second pair for $25. Or buy a Nano, and get a pair of shoes for $25, and get free ground shipping on all orders!

So get off the couch and get your kids active with some new Heelys this Christmas. Let you kids be cool like my son.

Disclosure: I received a pair of Heelys to review as part of a blogger promotion. All opinions are 100% mine and are not influenced by any person or entity. For my complete disclosure policy, please visit www.more4momsbuck.com/disclosure.


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