Chore Pad, keep your kids on track review/giveaway

As the mom of two little ones, I believe that everyone should have responsibilities in our house. With our busy schedule everyone needs to pitch in to make sure that things get done. If one person slacks off, then others have additional work. But, when everyone does their jobs, the house runs smoothly.

To make sure that everyone stays on track, I've enlisted a little help, Chore Pad. Chore Pad is an app for the iPhone or iPad. This app tracks each household member's chores. When you finish a chore, you get a check. Complete all your chores in a week, you will receive a star.

I like this app because it shows my kids instant accountability. Did you do your homework? Yes, you receive a check and build toward your reward. It's easy for them to understand. Plus, when a chore isn't completed, the kids do not receive the reward.

Recently we had a discussion that I and their dad don't have weekly chores around the house. With Chore Pad, you can add the parents to the chore list as well. Now everyone in the family is accountable for all the work around the house. By working together as a team, everything around the house gets done.

The Chore Pad can be helpful during the holidays too.  With Santa watching, you have added support to get those chores done.

Chore Pad is available on iTunes and the app store. The iPhone app retails for $2.99. The iPad HD app retails for $4.99.

Chore Pad has graciously given me 3 iphone and iPad apps to giveaway to my readers. Please fill out the Rafflecopter form to enter.

Disclosure: I received the Chore Pad iphone and iPad app to review and codes to giveaway. For my complete disclosure policy, please see


  1. I don't really give them incentives

  2. i dont give them incentives its just something they have to do

  3. No incentives, but thinking of trying something different. Just having them do them seems to leave me frustrated - Jill L

  4. A fun activity after the chores are done!