JewelMint, supporting breast cancer charities and prize sponsor

JewelMint is a sponsor for the More 4 Mom's Buck prize for In Honor of the Tatas.

Did you know that looking your best can help a woman feel confident and empowered? What if a piece of jewelry gave you the confidence to feel good about yourself and your style?

JewelMint jewelry could help you with feel confident in your style. From classic to trendy, JewelMint has pieces that can be incorporated into your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a statement piece for a fabulous night out or a classic style for work, JewelMint has necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings that will put you a step ahead.

JewelMint is a jewelry line from actress Kate Bosworth and award-winning stylist Cher Coulter. Their concept is simple. Great jewelry should be affordable and fun. These styles are based on the latest runway fashions. Each month there are new designs that will fit your style.

What's amazing about JewelMint is that all their designs are only $29.99. Simply join the JewelMint website and you can chose a piece of jewelry per month for only $29.99.

JewelMint will be providing the More 4 Mom's Buck winner with their choice of a piece of jewelry from the JewelMint line.

Also JewelMint hJewelMint is donating $20 per sale to breast cancer charities during this event, courtesy of the Chicago MBA Team. Just go to
and enter the code FALL100 at checkout to donate!

Please come back on October 21 to enter the In Honor of the Tatas giveaway.

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