Crunchy N Yummy, In Honor of the Tatas sponsor

One of the sponsors for the In Honor of the Tatas is Crunchy N Yummy.

What is Crunchy N Yummy? Crunchy N' Yummy is a healthy, natural snack. The fruit is picked at its peak to ensure the great sweet and juicy taste. These freeze-dried fruit contain many natural vitamins and a daily serving of fruit. The freeze-dry process retains all the fruits color, flavor and nutritional value. Crunchy N Yummy contains no preservatives, salt, sweeteners or gluten. The product is made from 100% natural fruit, is certified USDA organic and is Parve Kosher. Each bag contains a daily dose of healthy, natural fruit.

We all know how important it is to have lots of fruits in our daily diets. Having bags of freeze dried fruit easily available for portable snacks helps get your daily fruit servings.

For me, I love chips. But I know that eating lots of chips is bad for my waistline as well as my health. But Crunchy N Yummy offers me the crunch that I want without the guilt. I'm obsessed with these snacks. What could be better than getting a serving of fruit and my crunch craving.

Crunchy N Yummy is also great for kid's snacks. My boys bring Crunchy N Yummy to school for afternoon snack. Also, we bring these snacks to sport events because it's allergy conscious. There are no worrying who can and can't share in the after game snack.

Crunchy N Yummy has graciously donated a prize pack to the More 4 Mom's Buck In honor of the Tatas giveaway.

Come back on October 21 to enter to win.

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