Take your grilling up a notch with Big Daddy Dave's BBQ, review

We like to grill in our house. Whether it's the big egg smoker or the traditional grill, we like to experiment with rubs, sauces and smoke flavor. So, when Big Daddy Dave's BBQ asked me if I wanted to try some of their rubs, I jumped at the chance.

What is Big Daddy Dave's BBQ. It is made with the best fresh ingredients from Indiana along with the famous Indiana Ketchup. Our original sauce is what you would expect to taste in the highest quality of BBQ sauces. With this sauce anyone will enjoy any piece of meat coming off your grill.

Over the weekend, we decided to smoke a turkey breast on our egg smoker. We used the Big Daddy Dave's BBQ Original Spice rub on our turkey. A dry rub is any mixture of ground spices that is made for the purpose of being rubbed on raw food before the food is cooked.

What is different about Bid Daddy Dave's rubs is that his rubs are salt free. For anyone who is watching his sodium intake or trying to eat more healthy, reducing salt is so important. The original spice rub has all the flavor that you want in a rub. The elimination of salt does not take away from the robust flavor.

We used the rub inside the turkey breast and on all the outside skin. The end result was a flavorful bird with a subtle about of kick. The turkey was moist and the seasoning wasn't overpowering. In the end, it was a huge success.

Big Daddy Dave's BBQ offers a variety of dry rubs and BBQ sauces. The choices include the following:

  • BBQ Sauces
    • Original Flavor
    • Honey Teriyaki
    • Mesquite
    • Hickory
    • Sweet N' Tangy
    • Honey
    • Hot N' Spicy
    • Fiery Lava
    • Smokie Chipotle
    • Honey Mesquite
  • Dry Rubs
    • Original Spice Rub
    • Jerk Chicken Spice Rub
    • Southwestern Spice Rub
    • Savory Paprika Spice Rub
All of the Big Daddy Dave's products are available for purchase on-line at http://www.bigdaddydavesbbqsauce.com. Also, available on his website are Miss Jody's Better Butters, including Miss Jody's Better Butters, Apple Butter, Honey Pumpkin Butter, and Peach Butter.

So take your next bbq up a notch with Big Daddy Dave's BBQ products. Your friends will be asking for your grilling secrets.

Disclosure: I received a set of Big Daddy Dave's BBQ rubs to try. All opinions are 100% mine and have not been influenced by any person or entity. For my complete disclosure policy, please see www.more4momsbuck.com/disclosure.


  1. Great review. We LOVE grilling and BBQing around my household.

  2. They have a great selection. Love bbq!

  3. We generally just use sauch when we bbq, but I'd love to try a dry rub and see how it turns out.

  4. These sound yummy! We're all about the grill at our house:-) We use both sauces and rubs, I'll have to check these out.