Ready for Halloween, check out the Blue Power Ranger Samurai - Costume Super Center review

We are ready for Halloween. Yes, you're probably thinking - what Halloween? We just had Labor Day. But as a mom of a little boy, getting the "favorite" Halloween costume before it is gone is extremely important. Any mom who has had a disappointed kid on Halloween because you waited too long to get the "perfect" Halloween costume will most definitely plan ahead for next year's Halloween. That's why we have our Halloween costume, the Blue Power Ranger Samurai Costume, ready to go.

Our Blue Ranger Samurai Costume came from They have tons of new costumes for 2011.From Green Lantern to Transformers, has a costume for your kids and yourself.

In our house, Power Ranger costumes are the hot item for 2011. Many moms of little boys may be familiar with the new Power Ranger Samurai series. These characters are ready to fight the bad guys to the bitter end. They fight with strength, power and smart thinking. Everything that a little boy wants to be.

My son received the Blue Power Ranger Samurai Costume from He is thrilled with it. According to him, the costume makes him ready to battle evil.

What I like about the costume is that it is durable. In my opinion, many
Halloween costumes are the "wear once" quality. With our costume from, I feel confident that this costume will make it through many wearing and might even become a great dress up item.

The Blue Power Ranger Samurai Costume retails for $44.99 but currently is $31.99. It is the deluxe version with built in muscle padding (what little boy doesn't want bigger muscles). Also it come with a mask, but additional accessories can be purchased separately. this version is new for 2011 and is based on the new Power Ranger Samurai television series.

So get your Halloween costume ideas together and head to for all your Halloween needs.

Disclosure: I received a costume from free of charge to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine and have not been influenced by any person or entity. For my complete disclosure policy, please see


  1. Great review! I'm waiting for our Ninja Turtles costume to arrive. My son is going to be so excited to be a turtle for Halloween this year.

  2. Great review. I can't wait until my son actually cares what he is for halloween.

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  3. Great costume and great review! This is the first year my son picked out his own.. I don't even know what it is. I need to pick up the latest cartoons. LOL

  4. Great costume and review - it looks way more substantial then the costumes you can find at the department stores lately... I'm sure your son will have a great Halloween in it!