Ok, I'm warming to the RV idea, now sell me on the cost

Last week, I talked about RVs. After a discussion with my husband and the great advice from. I'm open to the idea of an RV. But, the turning factor, of course, is the cost.

I've been looking at all the different options of RVs from Monoco Coach and Rambler. There is a large variety of price points. Here are some examples of the models and prices. I won't give all the details for each model because there is a lot of information. But here is a list of all the models and a range of prices. For a complete product description of each model, please see the company websites.

Aluma-Lite Class C,  Augusta B+, and Vacationer
Price MSRP $62,439 - $109,350.

Holiday Rambler Diesel models:
Ambassador, Endeavor, Neptune, Scepter, and Trip
Starting MSRP price range $199,350 to $376,793

Monaco Coach 
Camelot,Diplomat, Dynasty,Knight,Monarch,Montclair B+and Vesta
Starting MSRP price range $62,570 - $525,893. 

Now, I'm sure that your first comment is those prices have a huge range. Trust me, when I saw over $200000 I had a little gasp. But, other models are a little more doable. Still it is a substantial sum of money.

But then, I took a second look. You have to think of buying an RV like buying a vacation home; just this vacation home is on wheels. When you think of an RV like an investment property, the cost can be understood.

With an RV you don't have to worry about your protecting your property that is hundreds of miles away. Think about it. Let's say that you had a vacation home in North Carolina and you live in Tennessee. Who would have gone to look after your home during the recent floods? A RV can be stored in a secure location safe from the elements.

Also, if you have an RV, you reduce your vacation travel costs. Your family won't spend money on hotel rooms because you're staying in the RV. Think about it. We generally spend $250 a night on a hotel room. If you project that cost over many years, that is a significant cost. The use of an
RV takes away a significant cost of a vacation.

So, I think that an RV is something that my family could consider. We would have to budget and save, but purchasing an RV is not out of the question for our family.

What about you? Does your family own an RV? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for me? Please share them in the comments section.


  1. I would love to travel the country in an RV with the family, but I don't think hubby would go for it. Have you seen that movie called RV with Robyn Williams? Hilarious!

  2. We don't have an RV and it's not on the short list of things to buy right now. I do have a dream of owning an RV and traveling all over N. America. I love a good road trip and having my house with me while we drive just seems like a little piece of heaven.

  3. I agree with the saving up for one first - but the investment is not really any different then when buying a cottage or a time share.
    If you are going to use it a lot I bet it would be worth it.

  4. We had one when I was growing up, we used it a lot! And don't forget that it is a great place to let your kids have sleepovers- mega fun!