Jennifer Lopez shoes and accessories at Kohls, adding a little glam to this Mom's wardrobe

I need to break out of my rut. As a mom, I have school clothes, the ones that I wear for volunteering and going out clothes, and a few for those occasional date nights. But, yesterday, a random stranger made a comment that I looked like I just came from the gym. I think my "school" clothes need to be taken up a notch.

One easy way to spice up your outfit is to add some amazing accessories. The new Jennifer Lopez line at Kohls offers lots of necklaces, rings and shoes that will surely give my outfits a little kick.

Just think a sparkly necklace or ring, like the one shown, Jet Studded Dome Stretch Ring ($18) will turn that boring blouse to a new dramatic level. No more dullness with these accessories.Whether you like a single statement piece or an armful of bangles, the Jennifer Lopez line offers a large variety of choices that will fit all types of styles and personalities.

And the Jennifer Lopez shoes will surely give anyone the confidence to strut around. I am in love with the Peep-Toe Platform High Heels ($69.99) . Platform heels are an easy way to ear super high heels comfortably. With my birthday around the corner, I think that I will buy these shoes for myself. These shoes are versatile enough to wear with jeans or a cute wrap dress. The options are limitless.

The Jennifer Lopez shoe line offers boots too. All the options are budget friendly, so you can buy two pair.

Check out all the must have fall accessories from the Jennifer Lopez line at Kohls. People will be talking about your new look for all the right reasons.

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