Prefense combo pack- just in time for back to school

Back to school is a fun time, but no one wants to get sick. Keeping your little one safe from germs is important during this time of year. So arm the kids with Prefense.

Prefense now has a great combo pack that is perfect for back to school. This package includes container of Hand Wipes and a 1.5oz bottle of Prefense for a super low price of $7.99. Basically, the offer equals buy one, get one for a dollar!

Why use Prefense products? Prefense lasts through 10 hand washes or 24 hours. Basically that means that one spray will last the kids all day. No worries about the kids going through a bottle in a day.

Plus, Prefense doesn't use alcohol. You don't have to worry about burning the kids' skin with too much product. Also, Prefense kills more germs than other hand sanitizers.

Hurry to get the Prefense combo before this special pricing is gone.

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