Original Brat Hans - all the flavor without the additives

My husband loves to grill. Whether it's hot dogs, sausage, or brats, the grill is constantly going in our house. 

But many of our family's favorite grilling items contain a lot of nitrates. Luckily there is a great option for all-natural gourmet sausages, Original Brat Hans. 

Original Brat Hans is created by lifetime sausage maker and butcher Hans Liebl. The line of products include bratwurst, chicken and pork sausages in a variety of flavors. These products are made from all-natural meats and contain no antibiotics, added hormones, preservatives, nitrates, nitrites or MSG.  For a complete list of all the flavors, please see their website here

Right now, Original Brats Hans is offering a $1.00 off coupon for Facebook fans. Please visit http://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalBratHans and "like" them to receive your coupon. 

Original Brats Hans is distributed by Coleman Natural Foods.  These products can be purchased exclusively at most Whole Foods Markets.  


  1. Nitrates give me headaches- thanks for letting me know I have options! These sound awesome!

  2. How great! Nitrates give my hubby a headache too. I actually had a relative who is a nurse tell me they are researching the possibility of nitrates causing alzheimer's... SO... I've been trying to find nitrate-free hot dogs and brats to grill, so this is great!

  3. My hubs loves brats too - must be something in that chromosome group. Good to know there's a healthier option - thanks for the info!