Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles, bring my favorite shoes out of the closet

I love being able to dress up every so often. A cute dress and some really high heels make me forget about all the mama drama. It's so important for me to feel and look good; a definite departure from the workout clothes and sneakers.

But the downside with my cute shoes is that I'm not used to wearing super high heels. I have a beautiful pair of platform, 4 inch heels that I absolutely love. After a couple of hours, my feet are in pain and I walking like a old person. Of course, I'll take the pain over ugly shoes, but there has to be a better solution.

Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles is a great solution to the pain sometimes inflicted by high heels. This no show insole is made for high heels two inches or taller.

Features of this product include:
  • Helps prevent foot aches and pains caused by high heels 2" and up
  • Unique ultra-soft gel arch shifts pressure off ball of foot
  • Provides guaranteed all day comfort
  • Discreet cushioning, even in strappy shoes
  • Massaging gel in the ball of foot for added cushioning
  • Ultra-slim design won't crowd toes or make shoes feel tight
  • Fits comfortably in all high heels 2" and up

I wanted to wear my favorite platform shoes to my friend's birthday party. Knowing that I would be standing for hours, I thought that this party would be a great opportunity to test drive the Dr. Shool's inserts. I was pleasantly surprised that at the end of the night, my feet were not sore. I walked normally and didn't have to take them off.

So if you have some amazing high heeled shoes you love but have difficulty wearing, try Dr. Sholl's For Her High Heel Insoles. Your Sexy shoes will come out of the closet more often.

Disclosure: I received a sample of Dr. Sholl's For Her from bzzagent. All opinions are 100% mine and have not been influenced by any person or entity. For my complete disclosure policy, please see www.more4momsbuck.com/disclosure.

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