What's DaGeDar? Learn about the newest summer toy!

Summer is quickly approaching. Kids will be out of school. No mom wants to hear - I'm bored Mom! My toys are old and boring. Get ready for a boredom free summer with a new toy that every kid will want, DaGeDar™.

Coming this summer is DaGeDar.  DaGeDar are supercharged battle balls. These toys are used in a racing game where kids make the rules of the game. Through strategy and skill, kids can master the collectible racing game.
Check out this video to learn more about DaGeDar (pronounced DAH-geh-DAAR).

Do you think that your kid has the skill, agility and finesse to succeed in this supercharged ball battle?  Just think of all the tricks and stunts that these battle balls can achieve. 

Plus, each DaGeDar carries a special code number. When registered online at www.dagedar.com, kids can learn about the ball's hidden powers. With over 240 different DaGeDar, there will be no shortage of opponents.

So be on the outlook for DaGeDar coming to a favorite retailer this summer.

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  1. This is truly 21st century technology. ALl the fun of Hotwheels with even fewer moving parts. What kid wouldn't want to play with balls?