Tell A Girlfriend Networking Event

When you need a recommendation on hair salons, child care or the best place to find perfect outfits who do you ask?  A girlfriend, of course. 

The Tell A Girlfriend Network has compiled all the information that you could need in a easy to navigate website, This local network is full of female businesses. With over 600 women businesses, there are numerous options for all your shopping and services needs. 

Do you have a business that could benefit from Tell A Girlfriend Network?  On Thursday, May 5, the network will host its first network member kick-off. This event is open to current members and prospective members. 

The informal networking event will be held on May 5, 7 pm at Entree Kitchen 26W276 Geneva Rd. Carol Stream, IL. Please RSVP to RSVP to

If you want to promote your business, have the entrepreneurial spirit or want to learn more about local women business, please join the Tell A Girlfriend Network event on May 5. Be sure to bring business cards and, of course, tell a girlfriend about the event.

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