Hershey's Modernation Nation, a life well balanced

Recently,  I was fortunate to host a Hershey Moderation Nation party for my friends. The concept behind Moderation Nation is life can be well balanced. By being active and eating well you and your family can have a happy well being.

Now, I bet you're thinking, a chocolate company is telling you it's ok to eat chocolate. Sure, but won't my butt get big? The whole point of Moderation Nation is that you can indulge with a piece of chocolate as long as you don't overindulge and stay active. 
During our Moderation Nation party, we got some great tips from a local nutritionist, Mary Beth Sanchez, and a personal trainer, Helen Petrillo. My guests and I learned a lot about acheiving balance for our families. 
Mary Beth had really good tips on substituting better ingredients, reducing sugar and incorporating more good foods in your diet. Since many of my guests were moms, we had tons of questions about getting our kids to eat better. Mary Beth had easy substitutions and additions (pureed veggies hidden in dishes) to add lots of good nutrition to our diets.
With all our good nutrition goals sets, my guests got up and moving with Helen. Did you know that every person should take 10,000 steps a day?  A great way to keep track of your steps is by wearing a pedometer. Just a few extra times up and down the stairs or walking around the island in the kitchen can really make a difference. Also, exercise can come from anywhere. If you don't like running, so something else. From dancing to biking, any physical activity can help keep you in an active lifestyle.
By combining good nutrition and an active lifestyle, you and your family can have a life in balance. 
For more information, Moderation Nation please see http://www.themoderationnation.com/
Mary Beth Sanchez is a registered/licensed dietitian.  Helen Petrillo certified personal trainer.  Both ladies are located in the Chicago area.

Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition® provided my guests with the Hersheys products and information through MyGetTogether. MyGetTogether also sponsored the dietitian and personal trainer's appearance.

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