JewelMint, jewelry for your style - review

I love jewelry. Whether it sparkles or shines, a little bauble added to my outfit can make me feel better that day.

But there are two things that make having a large jewelry collection difficult finding the right style for your personality and the cost of changing your style.But with JewelMint these roadblocks are removed.

JewelMint is a jewelry line from actress Kate Bosworth and award-winning stylist Cher Coulter. Their concept is simple. Great jewelry should be affordable and fun. These styles are based on the latest runway fashions. Each month there are new designs that will fit your style.

When you join JewelMint the first thing that you do is create a profile.. Simply choose pictures or brands that you like and the website does the rest. Based on your answers, JewelMint will show you some designs that fit your style profile.

Your profile will show various necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. From simple to ornate and from fashion forward to classic, JewelMint has it all. 

What's amazing about JewelMint is that all their designs are only $29.99. Simply join the JewelMint website and you can chose a piece of jewelry per month for only $29.99. If you don't see an item one month, don't worry. There is no charge. Just wait till next month and see what's new.

I have the desire rings from JewelMint. There are three rings in the collection. Each ring has qualities that make them very versatile. I've worn them with jeans one day and with a dress for date night. Plus the colors work with the majority of my outfits. Now I can change my jewelry with my mood.

What really struck me about the Desire Rings was the attention to detail. The ring bands themselves have decoration. These little touches show the care of design and quality. I've received many compliments every time that I wear these rings.

Recently, JewelMint was worn by the American Idol contestants. Pictured are the Versailles earnings.

Here's some pictures from American Idol. Also, JewelMint has been featured in InStyle, Lucky, People, Teen Vogue, Elle and Shape.

Are you ready to show off your new jewelry? 

Head over to JewelMint today and create your profile. Your new jewelry awaits.

Disclosure: I received a piece of jewelry from JewelMint to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine and have not be influenced by any person or entity. For my complete disclosure policy, please see


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