Home-Ec: 101 Skills for Everyday Living, use the skills you know, review

  In our mother's era, home-ec was a common course that many students took. Whether it was simple cooking techniques or home preparedness strategies, home-cc covered many useful topics. 
Since I didn't take these topics in school, I turn to books to help me learn. One such book is Home-Ec: 101 Skills for Everyday Living: Cook It, Clean It, Fix It, Wash It by Heather Solos, This book shares tips and tricks that can help the recent grad or the unwilling husband become skilled in numerous topics for a homeowner or apartment dweller. 
One chapter that stuck with me is the advice on cooking at home. We all know that cooking at home is cost-efficient and healthier than eating out, but many of us struggle with cooking well. I watch all the chef cooking shows. From Bobby Flay to Top Chef Masters, I know all the terms to appear knowledgeable in the kitchen. But, the true test is make a flavorful meal that my whole family will eat. 
The Home-Ec 101 tips include simple recipes that can be made by everyone and anyone. One of the most helpful ideas is how to make one meal transform into multiple dinners. Having useful leftovers is helpful to the family whose weekly schedule is beyond hectic. A home-cooked meal is better for your wallet and your waistline. In the end, it's a win win. 
So if you are looking for help in the kitchen or know someone who could use a boost in the cooking department, check out Heather Solos' book Home-Ec 101. You might just learn a trick or two in the process.

Disclosure: I reviewed a chapter of Home-Ec 101 as part of a campaign with the One2One Network. All opinions are 100% mine and are not influenced by any person or entity. For my complete disclosure policy, please see www.more4momsbuck.com/disclosure.

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