Winner of the $25 gift card by Social Deal Map

Thanks to everyone who entered the $25 gift card giveaway provided by Social Deal Map.

The lucky number was 38 (according to

Congrats to HANNAH!  You will receive an email from me shortly.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. Be sure to check out the Crystal Light Giveaway ends 3/24 and come back on March 15 for the March Madness Blog Hop! Tons of giveaways.


  1. So I noticed this post yesterday, and thought Hey! That's my name! But I never got an email. Now I know that there are other people with my name, but with the chance that I actually did win this, I just wanted to make sure you have my email address. If it's not me, then forget I ever posted this:)

  2. Hannah- I'm resending the email. Please let me know if you don't get it.