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Hi everyone. I was wondering if I could ask a favor from any of you who read or visit my blog.

My husband's aunt has entered a contest with the Yoga Journal. Here is her story.

My journey toward Yoga started in 1979 when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Multiple Sclerosis played a major role in a loss of balance and strength both in my body and in my life.  MS symptoms get worse with stress, and the ability to manage stress decreases with MS, so my life felt like an emotional roller coaster racing around a weak, unbalanced frame.

Then, five years ago at the age of 53, I discovered Yoga.  The discipline of Yoga has brought the health of my body, mind and spirit to a place in which I can be at peace with my disease and at ease with my life.  The union with Yoga has also brought me my mantra which is: “My strength is within me, my power is within me, my spirit is within me, around me and through me.”  Although my balance continues to challenge me, it is not a challenge that I am afraid to face.

I am goal-oriented, and that does tend to interfere with my ability to escape fully into Savasana. The monkey mind is one that is difficult for me to silence, but I believe I am making progress with that, (the key: don’t try too hard).  Giving an “Intent” at the beginning of each practice assists me in the grounding that I need to do. 

The lotus flower, with heart center, on the wall in our Yoga studio I painted as a gift to my Yoga instructor, to my Yoga community, in return for the great gift that Yoga has been for me!  

I chose “One Legged Down Dog” because this position easily moves into numerous other positions allowing to flow in a Vinyasa.

Namaste, and May the sun shine on your face and there be laughter in your heart.  

 Please consider voting for Carol. To vote visit http://talentsearch.yogajournal.com/favorite?page=169

and click on her picture.Voting ends April 15, 2011.


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