American Red Cross offers free CPR classes March 19

To be able to help someone in need is a wonderful characteristic. Knowing how to perform CPR and to act in a crisis is a skill that every parent could use.

The American Red Cross is hosting the Gabrielle Giffords Honorary Save-a-Life Saturday on March 19. The tradegy in Arizona showed our nation that strangers can help in a time of need. Many of the bystanders knew CPR and first aid. These individuals were key in helping the injured.

On March 19, 2011, over 100 American Red Cross locations will provide classes to teach the basics of hands-only CPR, the treatment of shock and how to treat wounds. The classes will last from 45 mintues to an hour. These are shortened versions of Red Cross training courses. The classes will be offered several times during the day.

In honor of the special event, these classes will be FREE. Normally the cost for the class is $25. Courtesy of sponsors Safeway and Walgreens, these classes will be free.

To find a location near you, please see here. For additional information on this event, please see here.

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