Power Rangers: Samurai, new rangers, time to joing the emPower movement, REVIEW

Go Go Power Rangers! I think that many of us know the song. For 19 years, Power Rangers have been a fixture in children's television. Now, Power Rangers: Samurai has a new network and a new cast. The first brand new episode premiered on Nickeloden, Monday at 7 pm. Weekly episodes will air on Sundays or the show is available on-demand.

What I like about Power Rangers: Samurai is that the Power Rangers have values. These values are: standing for what's right, teamwork and cooperation, confidence, health and physical fitness and caring and friendship. These values are similar to the mental training in martial arts.

My boys and I watched the premier episode of Power Ranger: Samurai. My boys were memorized. Since they take tae kwan do, I think that the action scenes really hit home. They were able to see how training and teamwork is necessary for success.

The Power Ranger series understands the importance of active children and has started the emPower Movement. The emPower Movement provides families and children the tools to keep kids healthy and support a healthy community. This program works with schools to keep kids focused on an active, healthy lifestyle that focuses on the Power Ranger values. In the upcoming months, Power Rangers will be giving out Gym Class Kits to over 4500 participating schools.

Be sure to check out Power Rangers: Samurai on Nickeldon. Go Go Power Rangers!

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