Michael Fiore, Text the Romance Back this Valentine's Day

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little more romance in your life? I know that I would. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate production. But a little something to know that my husband is thinking of me can make those tough mom moments go away in a flash.  Maybe just a text.

Michael Fiore, author of Text the Romance Back, believes that a well written text can put the spark back into your love life.  According to Mr. Fiore, a text can heat up a cold relationship.

With his Three Magic Texts technique, Mr. Fiore believes that your relationship will be back on track.

The idea is simple. Men and women want romance. Unfortunately we communicate the need for romance different. So, if you want your husband or significant other to step up the romance, you need to communicate in a way that he understands.

According to Mr. Fiore, a well worded text to your man can jump start your romance. For example, send your husband a text saying “I can’t stop thinking about…” Just wait for him to respond.  This open-ended statement will get your man wondering about your needs and wants and how he can make them happen.

All of Mr. Fiore’s techniques are available on his website, http://www.texttheromanceback.com/  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Mr. Fiore’s report, 3 Magic Texts, is available for free download.

Be sure to see Michael Fiore on Rachel Ray February 14 too.

So this Valetine’s Day, Text the Romance Back.

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