Terri Lee dolls, a timeless classic makes a return, review

Growing up I loved my dolls. I was always drawn to the old fashioned dolls with their soft hair and adorable clothes.  Terri Lee Dolls are the old-fashioned dolls that I remember.

Originating in 1946, the Terri Lee dolls exemplify classic apparel and vintage styling. These dolls have timeless features and can be part of a child’s life for a very long time. Known as a best dressed toddler, Terri Lee dolls were considered fashion icons with her over 500 outfits.

Terri Lee Dolls launched the Four Seasons line. These four dolls have their own personality and styling.  The Four Season line includes Summer by the Sea, Ready for Recess, Winter Wonderland and Swing into Spring. Each 15” doll comes with her special outfit and a brush for her hair.

Each of the four dolls has personality traits. For example, the Ready for Recess doll loves her mom’s chocolate chip cookies but doesn’t like missing the bus. These simple little extras add to the nostalgic qualities of the Terri Lee Dolls.

The clothes for the Terri Lee Dolls are carefully crafted to convey the era. From the classic knit cardigan and saddle shoes to the organza petticoat and hat, the Terri Lee dolls look like they just stepped out of the 50s. This new line of dolls is aimed at a wholesome fun.

The Terri Lee Dolls are great for young girls or for serious doll collectors. By celebrating the simplicity of the past and its pastimes with such detail and costuming, the Terri Lee doll will last a lifetime.

Terri Lee dolls retail for $34.99 and are recommended for ages 3 and up. The Terri Lee dolls can be purchased on-line at www.terrilee.com and select European retailers.

Terri Lee dolls is a Chicago based company.

Disclosure: Terri Lee Dolls sent me a doll to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine and are not influenced by any person or entity. For my complete disclosure statement, please see www.more4momsbuck.com/disclosure. 

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