SlapWear, give the latest fashion trend without breaking the bank

Finding a fun, fashionable Christmas present for the special woman, tween or just about everyone in your life can be difficult. Finding a great gift without breaking the bank is a huge chore. But your Christmas shopping just got a whole lot easier with SlapWear. 

SlapWear is the latest in fashionable watches. We all remember the slap bracelets from the 80s. SlapWear builds on that nostalgic fashion trend to create a fun watch.  

These trendy watches come in eight vibrant colors. The colored silicone bands and the stainless steel time pieces are interchangeable. You can mix and max to create 64 color combinations. So whether you want to coordinate colors with your outfit, make a bold statement, or just feel like wearing your favorite color, SlapWear caters to your personal whim. 

What I like about SlapWear is the value for the fashion trend. As a mom, it’s hard to justify tons of being spent for a cute accessory. When I can find a pretty item for a reasonable cost, I’m jumping in with both feet. These watches are versatile and work well with my on-the-go lifestyle.  I see SlapWear becoming my every day watch. 

Plus, these watches are fun.  Who can’t resist the opportunity to just slap a watch on? The durable silicone band can withstand the punishment that is playing with the kids. Fashionable and functional, what more could a mom ask for? 

SlapWear is one size fits all and has a one year limited warranty. SlapWear retails for $19.99 (with free shipping and handling) and can be purchased exclusively on-line at

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