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As a mom in the Midwest, my hands are battered by the harsh weather. Add onto those conditions, the constant hand washings, dish washing, cleaning, etc., my hands can look like withered old lady hands.  I definitely don’t like the idea of having unhealthy hands. 

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try (seed) Healthy Hand Cream, a 100% natural hand cream. I like the idea of using natural products.  The fewer chemicals that I put on my body can only help me and my environment. 

Over the past weeks, I’ve used the (seed) Healthy Hand cream consistently and I’ve enjoyed the results. My hands are smooth, especially my cuticles. Gone are the dry, cracked hands that used to plague me. 

(seed)Healthy Hand Cream is a concentrated formula that only takes a little dollop to moisturize deeply. And, it’s non-greasy too. What mom has time to wait for hand cream to dry, I know I don’t.  The (seed) Healthy Hand Cream is now a staple in my daily routine.

What I also like is the crisp scent. My lotion is citrus. The scent gives me a little pick-me up. The lotion is also available in unscented. 

(seed) Healthy Hand Cream features:
  • A 100% Natural formula o Grape seed oil to absorb quickly into your hands o Shea butter to deeply moisturize
  • Jojoba seed oil to create a natural barrier to protect your hands through the toughest conditions – including frequent hand-washing
  • None of the things you don’t want! Paraben-free, dimethicone-free, no artificial colors or fragrances
  • Available in Fragrance Free or Essential Oil Citrus Blend 3.5 oz tube
  • Made in the USA – all manufacturing and packaging
(seed) is a line of 100% Natural body care, featuring the gentle power of seed nutrient blends. (seed)has been featured in “Whole Living Body+Soul” magazine, and on-line reaching over 40 million readers, including Betty Confidential, The Green Daily,, among many, many others. 

(seed) Healthy Hand Cream retails between $6.99 - $7.99 on,, and at select Whole Foods.  For more information on (seed) Healthy Hand Cream, please see its website at

In addition to the Healthy Hand Cream, (seed) offers a complete line of 100% Natural body care products. The products have been featured in Whole Living Body+Soul magazine,, The Green Daily and Betty Confidential amongst many others.  For a complete list of products, please see the (seed) website at

Disclosure: I received a sample of (seed) Healthy Hand Cream for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are 100% mine. For my complete disclosure policy, please see

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