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One thing that I love about the holidays is getting Christmas cards from friends and family. I love seeing how kids have grown, places families have visited, and even, when there are a few more gray hairs appearing in the photo. For me, the more unique a card and its pictures the better. There is no better way to spread a little holiday cheer than with a personalized holiday card.

So every year, I'm poised with the question - what can I do that's different and personal.  I want my personalized cards to stand out and not disappear quickly into the trash.

Here are a couple ideas that I use to try to spice things up every year on our personalized cards.

1. Make a multi-picture card: Multi-picture cards can show every member of your family in their best light. Whether it's my son at the start of a swim race or my husband sporting his favorite Green Bay Packers shirt, everyone can show off their personality. For example, here is a great multi-picture example from Purple Trail. Each family member can be in their own ornament. You could even coordinate colors with the card. Everyone can shine.

2. Use black and white photos: Everyone looks good in a black and white photo. It's a classic and timeless design. Plus you do n't have to worry about coordinating everyone's outfits. Blue and green look the same in black and white. There's no concern about color clashing.

3. The Classic Santa picture: Who doesn't love the crying Santa pictures? I'm sure that many parents out there have the kids crying on Santa's lap picture. One year, my kids didn't even get to Santa. They kicked and screamed in the stroller. How about making a funny card about those classic Christmas moments?  It could provide your friends and family with a good laugh during the holidays.

4. Family Vacation Photos: Did your family have a wonderful family vacation this year? Why not use that picture as the theme of your holiday cards. Whether you were at the beach, mountains or your favorite theme park, share a moment in time with everyone this year with the use of a vacation photo.

5. Make sure everyone is pictured in the photo: I have a friend who tells me every year, "don't send me a card unless the whole family is in the picture." At first I didn't get it, but now I agree. While I love seeing all the kids as they get older, I want to see the parents, grandparents, etc. There wouldn't be the kids without the adults. After all, for many of us moms who are usually behind the camera, it's a great way to make sure that there's a family photo for the scrapbook.

So these are just a few ideas to spur your imagination for personalized holiday cards. Why not head over to PurpleTrails's Holiday greeting cards to see which styles will spark your creative juices. With so many styles and options, I'm sure that there will be a card perfect for your family.

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