Faithful, a review

The bond between women friends is unique and can withstand many of life's most difficult situations. The book Faithful, by Kim Cash Tate explores the friendship between three women and their faith.

The three main characters of this novel experience each have a crisis in their lives. Whether the characters' struggles are infidelity or commitment issues, women lean on each other and their faith to stand tall during their crisis.

What I took from this novel is that no person's life is perfect. We don't know what is going on behind closed doors. But, when a life altering event happens, women turn towards their girlfriends for support and guidance. And, for some, their faith helps them pull through the difficulties. No matter how a person handles life's difficulties, it's always easier to have the support of friends to carry you through.

Also, one of the characters of this book has a life attitude that is admirable. She takes a stand for her beliefs and lets no one sway her from her life purpose and goals. In today's world, strong woman characters are an important example that women are in control of their lives and goals. No one can stand in the way of a determined, strong woman.

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