Music for Creative Kids presents Around the House

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - turn off the television. I want my kids be more engaged in learning and being active. One way that I get them to not be television zombies is with music.

Just recently Music for Creative Kids has released its first CD, Around the House. The music is performed by Maggie G. The songs on the CD encourage safe play, teamwork, helping Mom and fun activities around the house. Some songs are just silly, like Pizza Party. Other songs convey life lessons in a subtle way. Overall, the music is upbeat and enjoyable for all ages.

The Around the House CD is suitable for all ages, but is geared toward children ages 3-8. The package includes 18 original songs, an 'In Concert’ coloring poster to personalize, along with links to musical activities including play along guitar chords, contests, lyrics, karaoke and so much more.

To listen to the music from the CD, please visit their website, Music for Creative Kids.

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