Bright Beginnings, a new look for Parents Choice formula


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I think that all moms, parents really, would agree that we want the best for our children. Whether it is the best stroller, gadget or formula, we will research and ponder what options are available for our little ones.

Did you know that all formula sold in the United States must meet the FDA standards? Basically all formula contains the same components. So if all formula is basically the same, why do some formulas cost so much more for the same product?

Bright Beginnings from Parent's Choice is created to be like breast milk. While breast is the best, Bright Beginnings satisfies the unique nutritional needs of growing infants. Bright Beginnings meets all FDA standards and the recommendations of the World Health Organization for DHA and ARA.

The big difference between Bright Beginnings and other national brands is the cost. Bright Beginnings costs 33% less than other national DHA brands. 

Bright Beginnings can be purchased at  Right now has special offers for new customers, including $5 off any (1) diapers or formula product (use code: NEW5).  

Just recently, Bright Beginnings has redesigned its container. The colorful and shiny label can't be missed in the sea pastel of formulas. Just look for the bright sun and you'll be doing right by your infant. 

So when you are thinking about what formula to give your infant, why not check out Bright Beginnings. It's great for your infant and good for your wallet. 

Bright Beginnings available at

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  1. We used Parent's Choice with our twins, and they did very well on it. We pretty much knew we'd have to formula feed when they were born, and the hospital sent us several samples home of a name brand formula. Once we ran out of that, we had no idea what we were going to do. We didn't realize how expensive formula was going to be. We did our research and ended up choosing Parent's Choice after major label comparison, and finding out that all infant formulas are required to be made nutritionally equal by the FDA.
    I love their savings calculator that shows you how much money you could save if you switched to store brands!
    I do love the new Bright Beginnings label, but to hopefully squelch any confusion, even though Bright Beginnings is made by PBM Products, it is not a Parent's Choice product. Parent's Choice is the store brand for Walmart. Bright Beginnings is only available at, Kinney Drug stores, and Great post!!!