Make a change with Pine-Sol's Powerful Difference program

Social networking is an integral part of our daily lives. While we reconnect with old friends or stay in touch with family, websites like Facebook are an easy way to see a glimpse into our lives. Sometimes we can even use our social networks to make a difference. 

Pine-Sol Brand Cleaner is using a new Facebook application to make a change. With 80 years of connecting with families within their homes, Pine-Sol is using it's name recognition to make a difference outside of the home. 

Pine-Sol's Powerful Difference program provides grants to women who are ling the charge for change. The program provides tools, resources and inspiration to assist and to encourage change within their communities.

On Facebook, Pine-Sol has launched the Powerful Difference Facebook page at This Facebook application allows fans and friends to get inspired by people who are making a change in their community. 

One aspect of the Powerful Difference app is that each member can honor five women who have made a powerful difference in your life. Whether it's a mom, favorite teacher or an old friend, the inspiration from women in our lives is limitless. Share your powerful women today at While there, see all inspirational stories of other powerful women. 

When we all come together to inspire each other, we can make a powerful difference.  

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