Kids bowl free all summer long

School is almost over, which leads parents to contemplate summer activities for the kids. While there are tons of trips, camps and sports available, many activities can drain the family budget.

Luckily, there's a free activity that can kids can enjoy, free bowling all summer. At, your family can register your children for 2 free games of bowling every day through the summer. Visit the website to view available bowling centers in your area. There are 53 locations in Illinois. For those of us in Naperville, the closest location is Lisle Lanes (but more centers may be added).

Each family can register up to 6 children for the free bowling program. When registering, the family must designate a bowling location. The specific location will specify the dates and times when free bowling is available. Some locations may charge extra for shoe rental. Age restrictions depend on the location as well.
The Kids Bowl Free program offers a Family Fun Pass for adult family members to enjoy bowling throughout the summer. The Family Pass starts from $24.95 and includes 2 games per person per day. The Family Pass covers up to 4 adult family members. You may have 1, 2, 3, or 4 adults on the family pass. The price of the pass covers all 4 members.

So if your family is looking for something to do this summer that won't break the bank. Check out for some family fun.

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