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I don't know about your family, but formula was a huge expense in our household. Since I was unable to breast feed, we had to do formula for the first 12 months of my kids' life. When you think about it, I don't know about many hundreds, if not thousands of dollars that were spent on formula.

Of course, I know that the formula was a necessary expense, but looking back, if there was a formula that was the same quality but at a lower cost, my family would have considered it.

There's a great website that offers a comparison of formula costs. Go to Parent's Choice Savings Calculator to compare formula costs. The amount of savings by switching to Parent's Choice is amazing. The cost difference could be $600 or more.

Here's an example:
  • 1 can of Parent's Choice formula is $11.88 for 172 oz, which is $0.41 per feeding
  • 1 can of Enfamil LIPIL is $23.78 for 168 oz, which is $0.85 per feeding.
  • Savings/Year $634.91
  • Savings/Month $52.18
  • Savings/Day $1.74
  • Savings/Bottle $0.43
Price based on an October 2008 retail price survey of Walmart stores. Actual prices and savings may vary by store and location Per label Claims as of 10/17/2008 **Assumes 4 - 6oz servings of reconstituted infant formula / day & feedings of 100%

Did you know that all formula is regulated by the guidelines in the Infant Formula Act. Basically, the FDA mandates that all baby formula used in the United States has the proper ingredients and has been manufactured in a safe and sanitary manner. Parent's Choice complies with all FDA mandates.

Still not sure if you want to switch brands. Why not request a free sample of Parent's Choice Formula. Click here, to request one of three types of formula from Parent's Choice. One sample per household. Parent's Choice is sold a Walmart nationwide.

So if your family is looking at where your money is going. Why not visit the savings calculator to see where some of your money is being spent.

savings calculator

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