Get the kids going on their chores with My Job List

Are you tired of being the only one around the house washing dishes, vacuuming and doing all the chores around the house? Do you think that your kids could contribute to some of the household chores?

My Job List is a free, on-line tool to help organize simple and productive ways to help your kids do their chores. The system is easy. Assign your child a job, your child completes the job and the parent gives a reward. The circle is complete.

This online chore chart depevelops accountablity for the kids in your family. Once they complete a job, they receive the "reward" that you have determined. No more arguing over is your room picked up or is the bathroom clean. Both you and your child know when a chore is completed because you receive either a text message or an email.

For my family, this customized on-line chore chart is a wonderful learning tool for smaller children. My kids are at the age when they can start helping around the house. Whether it's cleaning the toothpaste out of the sink or putting their laundry away, this simple accountability system is a great learning tool. By starting at a young age, my kids will be accustomed to the responsibility of completing their chores on-time. The rewards that we have decided to give are a bonus to their job well done.

So now that summer is just around the corner, get your kids ready for their chores with My Job List. Have a less stressful summer with family helpers to get everything done.

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