Raising a Father is a compelling journey

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How do we know what is best for our children? Is the big paying job, which requires numerous work hours, the most fulfilling option for the family as a whole? What can we do in just a few seconds to improve our parent-child relationships?

In the book, Raising a Father, Arjun Sen realizes that the high paced corporate job created a void in actively participating in his daughter's life. Knowing that a change is required, Sen leaves the corporate world behind for a home based marketing consulting opportunity.

Raising a Father
is Sen's memoir recounting the transformation in his life. By sacrificing his corporate ambition, Sen gains a rewarding relationship with his daughter. No longer are they passing ships exchanging pleasantries in phone calls. This father daughter relationship is built on actively engaging in each others lives.

There is a special bond between fathers and daughters, which can not be easily expressed. a father feels the need to be productive, but also wants his child to achieve greatness. It is difficult to find a optimum balance in patenting these goals. Sen's anecdotes in his book, Raising a Father, recall his journey to find his balance in his relationship with his daughter.

I think that this book would be a good read for all parents. We live in a busy society with many demands. Sometimes an inspiring story of one parent who took a huge risk can encourage just a few small changes in our lives. Our children will thank us.

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Raising a Father

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