Have a little April Fools Day Fun

Don't let your kids get one up on you tomorrow.

Get them with some fun April Fools Day pranks. Here are some simple ideas.

1. Put some food coloring in their morning breakfast. Whether it's blue milk, red orange juice or some green eggs, the kids will get a laugh. You'll get a bigger laugh if they don't even notice the difference.

2. Have a backwards day. Tell your kids to wear their clothe backwards all day. Whether it's their shirt, pants or hats, the kids will enjoy the silliness, just remember that the stares from others are because they don't get the joke.

3. Make a salt/sugar switch. For the coffee lover, substitute salt for sugar in his morning cup of coffee. Don't try this if the person is cranky in the morning (definitely have a back up drink ready)

These are just a few ideas for easy April Fools Day pranks. Do you have a prank that worked well? Leave a comment and tell us.

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