Retro General Mills Cereal Boxs are now at Target

Have you seen these retro General Mills cereal boxes at your local Target? I love the old-school designs, especially the Cinnamon Toast Crunch boxes. I used to love opening the box to find the special toy hidden inside.

To conincide with these fun retro design, General Mills has some great offers too!

Honey Nut Cheerios has a great giveaway. Enter every day for a class Atari 2600. They are giving away 200 and they are giving away 100 Atari Gear prize packs.

Cheerios is giving away 50000 boxes of cereal too! Go to for tons of great offers like $5 off Multi-grain Cheerios or information about the new Chocolate Cheerios.

Thanks General Mills for all the great offers on your tasty cereal.

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